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About the Virtual Yacht Squadron

The Virtual Yacht Squadron was formed in July 2001, in the days of Nadeo's first release of Virtual Skipper 1, initially to group together those skippers dedicated to sailing ISAF rules, and to participate in private races when numbers permitted. In August 2001, with 12 members in the squadron, the first organised races took place.

With the advent of Virtual Skipper 2 & Virtual Skipper 3, membership declined as many members dropped out of the Virtual sailing scene.

A renewal came about in early 2005 and has since seen the Squadron's membership increase with some dedicated skippers from New Zealand and Australia, as well as other countries.

The VYS web site now features a full race program, latest racing results, rankings, a fully working handicap system and skin and course downloads.

Aside from the racing, the Squadron has been instrumental in bringing together sailors from different areas, and different countries, who's paths would not have otherwise crossed. Friendships have been formed, and ideas exchanged, and hopefully lives have been enriched.

The basic philosophy of the Squadron is to group together skippers who are committed to the ethic of fair play and sportsmanship, and with this in mind the Squadron expects that the members will behave in an appropriate manner at all times.

Membership Procedure

1. Any skipper wishing to join this group shall provide the following information:

- Full Name
- Name of boat (VSK Registration ID)
- Country of origin
- email address
- msn address
- The name of his/her Nominator and Seconder
- Length of time at VSK
- Names of any other clubs/groups he belongs to (VSK)
- Any other relevant information in support of his application

2. A discussion topic shall be opened at the forum where the Nominator and Seconder can speak in support of the application. Any club member can also comment on the application. Any member can also make his feelings known directly to the panel should he/she wish. The topic shall be open for 7 days and shall be deleted at completion of the application process.

3. The application for membership shall then be decided by club officials.

4. For the application to be successful the vote of the panel must be unanimous.


1. Members will behave towards each other in an appropriate manner, both on and off the water, and in the forum, within the VYS confines, and also to other skippers in the wider VSK arena.

2. Repeated substantiated complaints about the behaviour of a member, either on or off the water may lead to that memberís exclusion from the Squadron.

3. The decision to exclude any member from the squadron will be taken by club officials.

Club Officials - 2005

Club Patron - UnderFire (Barry)

Commodore - NZL20 (Mike)

Vice-Commodore - Andy(NZ) (Andy)

Officers - Ohmbray (Jeff), Kennman (Ken), FRA3494 (Fred)


Supporting international virtual sailing since 2001